AdultChamber at the AEE Expo & AVN Awards in Las Vegas

First let me say that the AEE/AVN show this year was excellent. The staff at AVN are professionals in every way. These guys know the stress exhibitors go through and they make it really easy from the moment you arrive. One’s first impression is set by the ease of registration for the exhibitor. After a long trip to Las Vegas, we just walked up to the registration counter, and with 10 employees at the Exhibitor Registration counter, there was absolutely no waiting. The pre-registration for our badges was simple, and when we arrived, everything happened within 3 minutes, with politeness being foremost. Security from the company AVN hired to handle the show at the Sands Convention Center was second to none. They were all dressed in black, very friendly, with absolutely no one allowed access to the booths without proper wrist bands and badges.

Traffic at the show was phenomenal. The AdultChamber booth was busy every minute that the doors were open. As a matter of fact, when they dimmed the lights at the end of each show day, the booth was still busy.

Joining us at our booth was the ever beautiful, and famous, Diamond Jackson, who took free photos with existing and new fans, signed glossy photos, and totally intermingled with the crowd. Anyone who knows Diamond Jackson enjoys her true friendly personality. Also at our booth were the beautiful and friendly Erin Marxxx, MaxineX, Tia Ling, and Andi Roxxx. Attendees to AEE were excited to find these stars readily available to talk.

Erin Marxxx is a very special person. Besides her being beautiful, she is a star in her own right. Andi Roxxx made her first ever AVN appearance, and her fans knew exactly who she was, “Americas #1 Cougar”. Just saying hello to Andi Roxxx leaves you with the warmest and friendliest feeling. She took to the show like a fish to water; a natural. is proud to have created the successful websites for Andi Roxxx and Diamond Jackson.

At the booth, we exhibited our adult web development knowledge and skills. We were kept constantly kept busy by people who attended the show specifically to find us, knowing we would sit down with them, for as long as it took, to discuss their future adult website plans. They also came to talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They knew our consulting is free, and they traveled to the Las Vegas AEE Show to take advantage of our offer. We want to thank all those who made the trip specifically to give us the chance to delve into their upcoming projects. We look forward to working with you.

In addition to web development, we exhibited two sites that offer free traffic to those who own adult websites; and Adult Website Owners and Webmasters are always invited to use the sites for free, and if interested in more traffic, very inexpensive ad rates are available.

Anyone interested in crossing paths with us, in person, can meet us at ExxxoticaMiamiBeach. If interested in discussing web development, traffic, or search engine optimization, simply email us at

On behalf of the staff at AdultChamber [Online Technologies Group, LLC], we want to thank AVN, and their entire staff, for putting on such an excellent expo.

Exhibiting at Adult Conventions, Trade Shows and Expos

What is the real value of exhibiting at adult trade shows, and which trade shows work best?

In order to get the most out of a show, you need to know the type of adult shows that will work best for you.  For example, let’s say you own an adult website and you want to get exposure to increase memberships, or to sell more products, vs. owning a brick and mortar adult store or an adult mail order house.  Before you decide upon the show to attend, you need to know the differences between the adult shows.

Basically, adult trade shows, or expos, are broken into two groups; the adult consumer expo, and the adult webmaster trade show.  The two types of shows differ tremendously, and choosing the wrong one will cost you a lot of time and money.  Before I continue, you can always find an up to date list of upcoming adult trade shows at the one place where it is kept current,

How to choose between the two types of adult expos…
If you are thinking about attending the Adult Webmaster expos, you first need to know about the audience.  The attendees of these shows are adult webmasters, and adult website owners.  Typically, these shows are not very large, ranging in size from 250 attendees to 1,800.  It’s not a huge crowd, but rather, a targeted group.  So, ask yourself if you have something the webmaster, or site owner, would want.  For example, if you have an affiliate program tied to your site and you are paying a commission for each sale, attending the webmaster show would not be promoting memberships or product sales, but rather sign-ups to your affiliate program.  Keep in mind, if you have a booth at these webmaster shows, your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) will be very high.  How so?  Let’s say you do well at the show and you’re able talk privately to 40 website owners and you are able to actually get 12 new signups to your affiliate program.  That of course would be record-breaking signup rate, but let’s look at the math.  Say you go thrifty with the booth costing $1,200 and your travel, food, hotel and taxi service costing $2,000.  Your CPA to your affiliate program will be, conservatively, $267.00 each.  Again, it assumes you will actually sign up 12 webmasters and hopefully all twelve will aggressively promote your program.  It is more logical to assume your CPA will be $350.00 – $600.00, but in the example above, let’s assume you are the best promoter on the planet and your affiliate offering is ultra-enticing.  Not to worry, there is a much less expensive way of promoting your affiliate program, that being putting up an inexpensive campaign on  There are other benefits to attending the webmaster shows.  You will be exposed to adult webmasters and website business owners, as well as the ability to attend seminars on how to do more business on the net.  But, if your purpose is to attend the shows to promote an affiliate program or expose new adult content for purchase, carefully analyze your actual CPA before you decide to spend the time and money.

The Adult Consumer Expo is the place to market adult products, memberships to adult websites, and adult services to those with money in their pockets, ready to buy.  An example of the largest shows are Exxxotica and EverythingToDoWithSex.  These shows are in the Greater New York area, Miami Beach, and all across Canada.  Again, all the adult trade shows are displayed here.

How to best exhibit at adult trade shows…
OK, so you are ready to pop up a booth and meet the people.  If you’re a veteran of adult shows, you have learned by experience that keeping your focus on business is not easy, with all the scantily clad sexy men and women roaming around, trying to get the attention of the attendees. Yes, the shows are fun, but we’re there to do business.  To help keep yourself and your employees focused, first do the math.  Add up all the costs of attending the show and divide it by the number of exhibit hours.  You’ll stay focused when you realize that it will cost you $250.00 – $700.00+ per hour, depending up the size of your booth and the employees you have working.

Here is a list of things to remember when exhibiting at the shows:

  1. The older your display, the less innovative your company will appear.
  2. The more complicated your booth is to understand, the fewer people will stop.
  3. Keep your exhibit booth and surrounding area neat and clean.  No one likes to do business with sloppy people.  If you have flyers on the table, keep them neat all day.
  4. The more people you have at your booth, the more people will stop to look and talk.
  5. Stopping at your booth should be a memorable experience.  People who learn something by stopping by, remember to make contact following the show.
  6. Never staff your booth with people who don’t fully understand what you offer. 
  7. Aggressive sales people are a turn-off.  At the AdultChamber booths, there are occasionally porn stars sharing the space.  When someone walks up to talk to the porn star, the AdultChamber staff allows them to experience the excitement, before gently approaching in a friendly manner.
  8. If the people you select to staff your booth require “breaks”, they clearly do not understand how expense, and important the show is to the success of the company.  They will have plenty of time to relax in the show city, following the show hours.
  9. Keep your display professional, SIMPLE, and attractive.  You will have the attendees attention for 3-4 seconds before they decide to stop, or walk on.  Keep the text simple.
  10. You’ll be standing on your feet for hours.  It starts hurting the last few hours of the show. Keep in mind, the better-looking your shoes, the more likely you and your staff will complain about sore feet.  No one cares about your shoes.  They care about your product, offering, and knowledge.
  11. The more aisle space near your booth, the more opportunities you will have to engage with attendees.

Latest Porn Conventions and Industry Events

This month (November 2010), AdultChamber exhibited at two expos; ExxxoticaNewYork in Edison, NJ and EverythingToDoWithSex in Toronto, Canada. Being a company that allows others to share our booth space at no charge, there was a lot of action at the AdultChamber booth, and if you don’t read this entire post, you won’t be rolling on the floor. Diamond Jackson was there taking pictures with her fans, flashing lots of skin, making new connections, and selling some of her videos. The staff at Golden Strippers showed up with two of their strippers who, for three days, made a lot of the attendees very happy right there in front of the booth, doing nothing illegal but very hot to say the least. These girls were non-stop fun. Golden Strippers hired AdultChamber to work with them on their site’s SEO. The two free sites (RateXpics and AdultList), which maintain a very close working relationship with AdultChamber, are free traffic sites that webmasters are welcome to use. They were well represented at the expos, as well as the Vibrator Buddy, that hot inexpensive “sybian like” product for the Hitachi Magic Wand.

As a side note… When companies work with AdultChamber in virtually any capacity, they are invited to use our booth space when it is available to help promote their service.

If the attendance at these shows is any indication, it appears the recession may very well be over. The attendance at Exxxotica in New Jersey was record breaking, as well as the traffic this past weekend at the show in Toronto. The Management of the ETWDS show approached AdultChamber and asked us to attend the show in Montreal on January 21st with a 20’ booth and daily seminars on Web Development. It is becoming internationally known that the staff here at AdultChamber has the inside track on the newest emerging web development techniques as well as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge.

And now for the funniest event ever…

You have to have your head in the sand if you missed all the news that is being reported lately on the TSA pat-down backlash. You see, the AdultChamber staff just happened to be on the same flight as the porn star, Diamond Jackson, when returning from the Toronto consumer show. AdultChamber staff got the pat-down and gladly welcomes this level of security. Then the TSA staff got to Diamond Jackson, who was still wearing pasties under her casual zipper sweat suit. Her pat down began… A small Oriental TSA employee [at the Toronto International Airport] looked Diamond over and asked her to put her arms out to her side. The TSA employee used the metal detector wand, and just when she passed it between Diamond’s legs, two things happened. The zipper to Diamonds sweat suit top expanded across her breasts, lowering the zipper and totally exposing her tits to the crowd, all while Diamond said “Oh, it’s peeping because of my pussy ring”. The response Diamond got from the TSA employee was “Go, go, move on, get out of here”. Well, we only wish we had a video to put up on youtube…

Here is some info that I think you will enjoy reading… It is intended to help your business grow

1. The Free Adult Traffic Dilemma…
Remember the days when you could post pics to a tgp and you really got free adult traffic?  Remember when you could list your site on websites that managed the lists, and they really drove traffic to your site?  What happened to those great resources?  The answer is well-known by the seasoned webmaster.  Except for a few remaining well-managed tgp and listing sites, that spent the time [and money] on website management, here is what happened that destroyed most of the free traffic sites:

a.   The site-spammers were, and remain, able to inundate these sites with hundreds of site postings a day, overwhelming the site’s administrator;

b.   The tgp and list owners, in an effort to turn a profit, decided to join affiliate programs, and promote those specific sites, yet still allowing you to post your site so they could get SEO value;

c.   The site’s Admin got burnt out over time, since they were making little money; allowing  their sites to become a dumping ground that virtually gives the webmaster no results.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that an unmanaged traffic site loses its traffic quickly, and becomes useless to the participating webmaster.  In response to this reality, AdultChamber created two sites a few years ago that seems to have stood the test of time.  They remain extremely affective for the webmaster who really wants to promote his/her site, and get free traffic.  RateXpics and AdultList invites you to use the two sites for free.  If you have an adult site and you’re not using them, the free traffic is going to other websites.  It’s that simple;

2. Here is a free newsletter from a marketing guru that will help you increase your Marketing Results by 2 to 10 times without spending any more money.  If you have ever attended the webmaster shows, you have probably crossed paths with Bruce.  His newsletter is really very good;

3. We’ve rolled up our sleeves at AdultChamber…
It seems like every 6 years or so, we do a complete rebuild of the AdultChamber website.  With all the new technology releases over the past six years, in both web design and back-end tools, you and I can only dream of what the staff here will release for the AdultChamber site.  The plan right now is to have a new release before years end.  The problem is, we are web developers, and our clients always come first.  Just like the carpenter who puts off the improvements to his own home, it’s a reality of life for us as well.  We deliver our clients web projects on time, sometimes pushing our own projects back a bit.  But I will tell you, when you get to see the new version of AdultChamber, you will be impressed.  It’s the quality we’ll deliver to you, if you ever need web design and development;

4.  We’re packing our bags…
We just secured our flights to the New Jersey consumer Expo.  Every year we go, we bring back new business.  You really should give this show some very serous consideration.  It’s the ExxxoticaNewYork Expo, November 5-7.  It’s held annually at the expo center in Edison, NJ, and we see some 18,000 – 22,000 people walking the exhibit center every year.  It’s an easy show to work and a fun show to attend, if you’re an exhibitor.   Why fun?  We find it to be fun when speaking to people interested in what we have to offer.  We stay busy, really busy!  And we walk away with orders and leads.  Now, to us, that’s fun!  Best of all, the flights are very inexpensive into Newark International Airport.  Why not give J. Handy a call and ask him all the questions you have regarding booth rates.  We’ll be there.  Stop by and say hello;

5. EverythingToDoWithSex opens in downtown Toronto, November 19-21…
We are always amazed that everyone in Canada, who is in our industry, knows how much business is done at this show.  But few from the U.S. and other countries get it.  This is probably the busiest adult expo on the planet.  It took us years to get our staff to this show, and once we did, nothing has been the same since.  This show gets 30,000 – 40,000 visitors over the 3 days.  Simply put, IT IS AMAZING! Mikey Singer and his staff really know how to put on expos.  GIVE THEM A CALL!

Now you have a lot to think about…

Summer is here and it’s time to plan for Business ! 

I want to take a couple of minutes to talk about 3 upcoming Webmaster – Adult Industry shows.  They are very important to know about, and to seriously consider attending.  These are shows for the Webmaster; shows that allow you to exhibit your website and services. 

 First and foremost, you should look very carefully into the changes made from Internext to the AVN show at the same venue; the beautiful and familiar Westin Diplomat, “on the beach“, in Hollywood Florida.  It’s important you give this some serious thought, as the plan is to combine Internet Webmasters with the entire Adult Industry.  We know this works…  We have attended the winter AVN/AEE shows, and we do business there…  Below are more details about the summer AVN Expo. 

   Cybernet Expo – July 8-10, 2010 in beautiful San Francisco, California.
Have you booked your hotel room yet for Cybernet? If not, this is the time to do it!  The rooms with the most spectacular views of San Francisco will be the first to go, as well as being guaranteed the best possible room rate.  If you snooze… you lose. Get on it by booking your room quickly.  It’s recommended that you check-in on July 7th and check out on the 11th, so you can fully maximize your experience at Cybernet.  Please visit:   This is a WEBMASTER SHOW, and a great venue to meet hundreds of adult website owners.  The guys who run this show know exactly what they are doing to ensure that you meet virtually everyone, face-to-face.  One evening, they have all the exhibitors in a huge room at separate tables.  On the tables are FREEBEES, drawing everyone into the huge conference room.  When the evening event is over, there is no quick exit.  It is a fun night where everyone does business! 

TheAVNshow – August 5-8 – Hollywood, Florida
There is nothing more beautiful then exhibiting at what all knew as Summer InterNext.  So, what did they do with InterNext?  Well, they brought it to a new level.  Everyone fears change, but we all know that change is both exciting and healthy, and this change can prove to be very good for everyone.  For the past two years we were crossing our fingers, hoping for exhibit booths to return.  Well, they have!  By bringing in Adult Products, Video Producers and Manufacturers, doors will open for you to doing much more business. We’ll still be socializing with webmasters, but now we will have an added dynamic; more business opportunities.   I cannot even begin to tell you how many opportunites make themselves available to us by attending these shows.  The people at AVN would really like to talk to you about exhibiting at the summer AVN Show.  Why not go to the site, make plans to exhibit, and be part of something new.

Asia Adult Expo – August 20-22, 2010 – Macau (Hong Kong)
It’s happening in just a few months!  A rare opportunity to open new business avenues.  This is an Adult Industry Show in the Orient.  If you never marketed in the orient, you are about to experience a new dimension in doing business.  The people who run the Asia Adult Expo will show you the ropes.  Give this show some very serious thought.  For those webmasters in the U.S., we know the trip is long, but it promises to be one of the most important business decisions you will make – opening up the Orient to your business!