Exhibiting at Adult Conventions, Trade Shows and Expos

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What is the real value of exhibiting at adult trade shows, and which trade shows work best?

In order to get the most out of a show, you need to know the type of adult shows that will work best for you.  For example, let’s say you own an adult website and you want to get exposure to increase memberships, or to sell more products, vs. owning a brick and mortar adult store or an adult mail order house.  Before you decide upon the show to attend, you need to know the differences between the adult shows.

Basically, adult trade shows, or expos, are broken into two groups; the adult consumer expo, and the adult webmaster trade show.  The two types of shows differ tremendously, and choosing the wrong one will cost you a lot of time and money.  Before I continue, you can always find an up to date list of upcoming adult trade shows at the one place where it is kept current, AdultChamber.com.

How to choose between the two types of adult expos…
If you are thinking about attending the Adult Webmaster expos, you first need to know about the audience.  The attendees of these shows are adult webmasters, and adult website owners.  Typically, these shows are not very large, ranging in size from 250 attendees to 1,800.  It’s not a huge crowd, but rather, a targeted group.  So, ask yourself if you have something the webmaster, or site owner, would want.  For example, if you have an affiliate program tied to your site and you are paying a commission for each sale, attending the webmaster show would not be promoting memberships or product sales, but rather sign-ups to your affiliate program.  Keep in mind, if you have a booth at these webmaster shows, your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) will be very high.  How so?  Let’s say you do well at the show and you’re able talk privately to 40 website owners and you are able to actually get 12 new signups to your affiliate program.  That of course would be record-breaking signup rate, but let’s look at the math.  Say you go thrifty with the booth costing $1,200 and your travel, food, hotel and taxi service costing $2,000.  Your CPA to your affiliate program will be, conservatively, $267.00 each.  Again, it assumes you will actually sign up 12 webmasters and hopefully all twelve will aggressively promote your program.  It is more logical to assume your CPA will be $350.00 – $600.00, but in the example above, let’s assume you are the best promoter on the planet and your affiliate offering is ultra-enticing.  Not to worry, there is a much less expensive way of promoting your affiliate program, that being putting up an inexpensive campaign on AdultChamber.com.  There are other benefits to attending the webmaster shows.  You will be exposed to adult webmasters and website business owners, as well as the ability to attend seminars on how to do more business on the net.  But, if your purpose is to attend the shows to promote an affiliate program or expose new adult content for purchase, carefully analyze your actual CPA before you decide to spend the time and money.

The Adult Consumer Expo is the place to market adult products, memberships to adult websites, and adult services to those with money in their pockets, ready to buy.  An example of the largest shows are Exxxotica and EverythingToDoWithSex.  These shows are in the Greater New York area, Miami Beach, and all across Canada.  Again, all the adult trade shows are displayed here.

How to best exhibit at adult trade shows…
OK, so you are ready to pop up a booth and meet the people.  If you’re a veteran of adult shows, you have learned by experience that keeping your focus on business is not easy, with all the scantily clad sexy men and women roaming around, trying to get the attention of the attendees. Yes, the shows are fun, but we’re there to do business.  To help keep yourself and your employees focused, first do the math.  Add up all the costs of attending the show and divide it by the number of exhibit hours.  You’ll stay focused when you realize that it will cost you $250.00 – $700.00+ per hour, depending up the size of your booth and the employees you have working.

Here is a list of things to remember when exhibiting at the shows:

  1. The older your display, the less innovative your company will appear.
  2. The more complicated your booth is to understand, the fewer people will stop.
  3. Keep your exhibit booth and surrounding area neat and clean.  No one likes to do business with sloppy people.  If you have flyers on the table, keep them neat all day.
  4. The more people you have at your booth, the more people will stop to look and talk.
  5. Stopping at your booth should be a memorable experience.  People who learn something by stopping by, remember to make contact following the show.
  6. Never staff your booth with people who don’t fully understand what you offer. 
  7. Aggressive sales people are a turn-off.  At the AdultChamber booths, there are occasionally porn stars sharing the space.  When someone walks up to talk to the porn star, the AdultChamber staff allows them to experience the excitement, before gently approaching in a friendly manner.
  8. If the people you select to staff your booth require “breaks”, they clearly do not understand how expense, and important the show is to the success of the company.  They will have plenty of time to relax in the show city, following the show hours.
  9. Keep your display professional, SIMPLE, and attractive.  You will have the attendees attention for 3-4 seconds before they decide to stop, or walk on.  Keep the text simple.
  10. You’ll be standing on your feet for hours.  It starts hurting the last few hours of the show. Keep in mind, the better-looking your shoes, the more likely you and your staff will complain about sore feet.  No one cares about your shoes.  They care about your product, offering, and knowledge.
  11. The more aisle space near your booth, the more opportunities you will have to engage with attendees.

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